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Brochure: Boycott Movements against Israel

Information and Arguments against BDS


A boycott against the Jewish state - this invokes memories of the National Socialist Government's boycott of Jewish businesses and of antisemitic violence against Jews.

However, the boycott movement against Israel today claims to speak in the name of human rights. The Palestinians should have the "right to self-determination". The "occupation" of the Arab country should end, the "wall" teared down and the Palestinian Arab refugees should have a "right of return" to their homes. With these slogans, the so-called "BDS" movement calls for boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel. While these ideas don’t seem to be violent at first sight, the BDS closely cooperates with the Hamas and is therefore open to Islamist and other terrorist groups.

This booklet provides background information on the ideological background of the movement, on it’s history and structures in Germany and beyond. It also discusses how the BDS movement can be effectively counteracted.

The pamphlet was published by the Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft (German-Israeli Friendship Society) and edited by Michael Spaney (MFFB).

Click on the picture to download the brochure. In German language only.