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Ulrike Becker of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin was Guest in the Talkshow "Maybrit Illner"


On January 9, 2020, Ulrike Becker from the MFFB was invited to the talk show "Maybrit Illner" and discussed about the conflict between the USA and Iran with Sigmar Gabriel, Düzen Tekkal, Elmar Thevessen and Daniel Gerlach. On this page we document some statements by Ulrike Becker as well as reactions from the press. You can see the entire program in the media library of the ZDF here.


"We have to look at the democratic opposition in Iran and say goodbye to supporting the anti-Semitic terror regime in Iran."

“The biggest protests in Iran for decades were brutally suppressed in November. 1,500 people have been killed, 7,000 are in prison and there is a great danger that they will be tortured or even killed. The population has shown that they no longer want this regime. We have to ask ourselves the question: how long do we want to stand by the side of this brutal regime, how long do we want to stabilize what cannot actually be stabilized? And we have to look much more closely at the democratic opposition. This is the future of the Middle East, these are the people we have to support. We have to say goodbye to continuing to support this anti-Semitic terror regime. "(Click on the picture to listen)

"Atom deal does not protect against the bomb"

Ulrike Becker at "maybrit illner"

Ulrike Becker, Head of Research and co-founder of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB): The nuclear deal is no protection against nuclear armament because it does not affect the structure of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.


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