Addressing antisemitism in education

Lecture and debate with Elke Rajal, Olaf Kistenmacher and Kai Schubert

When: December 21, 2020, 4 p.m.
Audio-documentation of the debate

Educational measures on the subject of antisemitism are often understood as "education critical of antisemitism". At our event, three short lectures will address the following questions: What self-image is expressed in "education critical of antisemitism", what are the specifics of this approach (Elke Rajal)? What does it actually mean to speak of "latent antisemitism" and what are the consequences for education (Olaf Kistenmacher)? How can educational measures be designed that address #Israel and the #Near East conflict (Kai Schubert)?

There will be the opportunity for questions and discussion.

The event is open for all.

The event will take place online via the "Zoom" video conference service. To participate, you need to register at anmeldung@mideastfreedomforum.org.

Elke Rajal
Kai Schubert
Jörg Rensmann
Elke Rajal

is a political scientist and employee at the University of Passau. She is working on her dissertation on antisemitism and has been doing educational work on the topic for a long time.

Olaf Kistenmacher

is a historian living in Hamburg. He has been active in (historical) political education on antisemitism for many years.

Kai E. Schubert

is a political scientist and doctoral candidate at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen (JLU). He works mainly on Israel-related antisemitism and educational perspectives on it.


Chair: Jörg Rensmann (Bildungsbaustein Israel)