April 7, 2021: Now online: Documentation of the event with Seth Frantzman (Israel) on Israel and the New Middle East after the Abraham Accords
January 28, 2021: Now online: Special Issue "Antisemitism" with an article of Ulrike Becker (MFFB) on Islamic Antisemitism


January 12, 2021: Now online: Audio documentation of debate: Addressing antisemitism in education. Lecture and debate with Elke Rajal, Olaf Kistenmacher and Kai Schubert
October 20, 2020: Documentation of the lecture of Matthias Küntzel online: "Israel and the Gulf States - A new dawn in the Middle East?"


June 26, 2020: Handout on the Depiction of Israel in teaching materials - a checklist for educational materials by Jörg Rensmann (MFFB)

Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

The Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB) is a Organisation for policy consulting and political education. Also, MFFB organises public events and discussions. MFFB was founded as a nonprofit association of scientists, journalists, members of Jewish organisations and exile Iranians in 2007. We advocate support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the Middle East. A special focus lies on raising public awareness for the danger of antisemitism, islamic and right-wing extremism and the danger for democracy linked with them. The MFFB works for a permanent commemoration of the Shoah in Germany. Read more


Ulrike Becker (MFFB) at Talk Show "Maybrit Illner"

"We have to support the democratic opposition in Iran and stop to support the antisemitic terror regime in Iran."